Girlfight InVite from filmmaker Kel Coe aims to bring a different type of short to the screen.
      Lord of Gore is the horror fans comic. If you’re looking for something new that isn’t capes and tights, zombies, or Deadpool doing his best 90’s Wolverine impression (we mean being used in every book), then this is for you.    
      Minneapolis’s Reaping Asmodeia is back with Impuritize, a crushing follow up to 2014’s Poison of the Earth.  
    After years of foraying into the action genre, Resident Evil returns to its horror roots in this fantastic entry into the long lasting video game series.    
      HM&M Films are back with a tale that will keep you glued to the screen and at the edge of your seat in their new flick Blood Moon River.  
      If you’re looking for a new Tromaesque film you can’t go wrong with Another Yeti A Love Story: Life On The Streets.  
      Jabb Pictures and Horror Wasteland brought a powerful film to 2017 with The Dead Bodies in #223, which recently premiered at Days Of The Dead: Atlanta.    
      Evil Engine are here with a Midwest spin on California skate punk (think Suffer era Bad Religion meets Cock Sparrer or early Stiff Little Fingers with a touch of Anthrax and Motorhead).