Cinema Wasteland Announces Fall Line-Up


Cinema Wasteland announced the line up for their upcoming fall show - a celebration of the films of director FRANK HENENLOTTER.


(Press Release courtesy of Ken Kish/Cinema Wasteland)


For our September 30th, October 1st and 2nd, 2011 Show, we’ll be presenting what I’ll call “Henenlotter-Fest” for lack of a better term right now. Cult film director Frank Henenlotter will be making a rare convention appearance this Fall and just like we did with Ruggero Deodato at this past show, we’ll be surrounding him with several cast and crew members from his films. Here’s the lineup so far:

FRANK HENENLOTTER - The director of the Basket Case trilogy, Brain Damage, Frankenhooker, and Bad Biology will be heading up the show with a super rare appearance this Fall. And he’s bringing friends with him!

GABE BARTALOS - Gabe did make-up and effects on Henenlotter’s Basket Case 2 and 3, Frankenhooker, and Brain Damage. He also worked on some great horror and sci-fi films like Friday the 13th Part 6: Jason Lives, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, and Leprechaun. He was even on the crew with this past weekend’s guest, John Buechler, when he worked on films like Dolls, and From Beyond. This will be Gabe’s first ever convention appearance.

BEVERLY BONNER - Beverly played “Casey” in the Basket Case trilogy, as well as in Frankenhooker, and Bad Biology. She’s an established stand up comedian and has had her own show on in the NYC area for years. Beverly has made a couple appearances over the past year or so but tells me she’s really looking forward to her CW appearance this Fall.

DAVID EMGE - Although best remembered as “Steven” or “Flyboy” from George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead, Dave Emge also played “Half Moon,” one of the freaks in Basket Case 2. You can also find him in The Booby Hatch and the MI lensed indy film, Hellmaster. It’s been years since our old friend Dave was with us, so we’re using his Basket Case 2 role as reason to have him back next show.

JAMES LORINZ - James killed as “Jeffrey Franken” in Henenlotter’s Frankhooker, and he’ll always be remembered as the wise-ass doorman in the cult classic Street Trash. James has done only one other convention appearance back when we held our Street Trash reunion and CW fans have been asking to bring him back ever since. If you missed him five years ago, here’s your chance to meet with James once again in six short months.

ANTHONY SNEED - Anthony was the producer and star of Frank Henenlotter’s latest film, Bad Biology, and will apparently star in Frank’s next film, which is slated to begin filming in the next year. This will be his first ever convention appearance.

KEVIN VAN HENTENRYCK - Kevin played “Duane Bradley” in the Basket Case trilogy, and showed up as “Duane” in a cameo scene in Brain Damage. We get fans asking for him all the time without ever realizing Kevin was with us at our second show, way back in 2001.

Other Guests for the Fall Show will include:

VANESSA DEL RIO - This adult film icon was ranked #8 in AVN’s Top 50 Porn Stars of all time. And since CW is one of the very few conventions out there where attending fans proudly admit they enjoy porn, I already know there are a bunch of guys chomping at the bit to meet. Vanessa did a one day appearance at a Chiller Theater show back in the early 1990’s, but hasn’t done an appearance of this type since. She will be appearing on Friday and Saturday only, making this her first ever two day convention appearance.

GUNNAR HANSEN - Our old pal, Gunnar was of course the original “Leatherface” in Tobe Hooper’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and went on to several other notable film roles over the years. Gunnar was here for both of our TCM reunion shows in the past, but has never done a solo appearance or a Fall Show appearance. For all of you CW attendees that can only make the Fall Show, here’s your chance to finally meet with the man himself.

The original Night of the Living Dead’s GEORGE KOSANA (“Sheriff McCelland”), JOHN RUSSO (Screenwriter, ghoul, and newspaper reporter) and KYRA SCHON (little girl zombie, “Karen Cooper”) will be on hand again after a few shows away. After 24 years in this business, we’ve become personal friends with most of the NOTLD cast so we shuffle them in on a rotation when we have a couple extra tables. Always seems to be a few new faces who haven’t met them at past shows, so as long as they continue to enjoy themselves, I see no reason to snub a friend when they make the most hassle free guests we could have.

TOM SULLIVAN - The Evil Dead animator, effects man, and artist is part of the Wasteland family and will be with us for as long as he wishes. He doesn’t seem to want to give up his little “museum room” so expect him back when we both celebrate CW Show #20 this Fall.

There’s the complete confirmed Fall Show Guest List so far. Looks to be another great, 100% Wasteland Show, to me. Hope you all agree. I’ll naturally keep you posted on anyone else we may add in the next couple of updates.


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