Exclusive Interview: Derek Mears


Fan favorite convention guest, actor Derek Mears, sat down with FDTC's own Mr. Chainsaw for an exclusive interview about his role in the upcoming Predators as well as dropping the first announcement on his involvement in his next big budget film role.


Mr. Chainsaw: How did it feel, for a complete down to earth horror fan such as yourself, to get the chance to play not just one iconic villain (with Jason Voorhees), but now a second bad-ass movie monster as a Predator in the upcoming Nimrod Antal/Robert Rodriguez film?

Derek Mears: How did it feel? Amazing! Next question!

Mr. C: How did you come about getting the role?

DM: I got the role because of Greg Nicotero. He recommended me to play the Classic Predator. I still thank him every time I see him. I'm pretty sure I signed a contract to name my first born child after him. Okay, I'm lying about that last part.

Mr. C: What was it like being under all that makeup and all those prosthetics that make up the Predator costume. How long did it take to get in and out of costume each day?

DM: One thing about wearing a Predator suit is that if it's hot outside, you're very hot and if its cold outside, you're very cold.  But, the fact of the matter is: YOU GET TO WEAR A SUPER COOL PREDATOR SUIT!!! So, you just focus on that. As far as time goes, it took about a hour to get in the suit and a hour to get out.

Mr. C: What was it like being on a set, in Hawaii no less, with so many other big names such as Adrian Brody, Topher Grace, Laurence Fishburn, Danny Trejo, etc ? I'm sure it must have been a blast.

DM: Unfortunately, I never actually went to Hawaii. All of my scenes were shot at  Troublemaker Studios in Austin Texas. The text of the cast was extremely professional and a ton of fun to work with.


Mr. C: What was it like working with Antal and Rodriguez?

DM: I enjoyed working with both of them. Nimrod had a firm vision of what he wanted and was completely actor friendly  He's also a fanboy like myself. I had a blast sitting around and talking about comics and video games inbetween takes with him.

Working with Robert was inspiring. I was impressed with the people he has surrounded himself with. The crew on the film isn't just a crew to him, they're family and I deeply respected that.

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Mr. C: Let's switch gears a bit and talk about the sequel to the remake of Friday the 13th - one month its on, the next its off, and so on. Have you heard anything on whether the sequel will happen.

DM: Unfortunately, I havent heard anything about the sequel for sometime now.

Mr. C: I've heard you say you were a big Friday the 13th fan prior to getting the role of Jason Voorhees. Do you have a favorite installment in the series and a favorite actor who played Jason?

DM: Yes, I would say part 4 (Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter) is my favorite. I've liked a lot of the previous actors who played Jason, but I would have to say Ted White is my favorite.

Mr. C: What other projects are you currently working on or have coming out that you're able to tell us about and that we should keep an eye out for?

DM: I just finished a movie called Death Games with Kellen Lutz and Samuel L Jackson, where I play a South African badass named Brutus Jackson. It should come out in theaters sometime next year.

Also, I'm currently in Hawaii shooting Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. All I am allowed to say about the film at this time is that I am part of the cast.

Mr. C: Wow, that sounds really exciting! I'll have to be sure to keep an eye out for that!
Can you tell me a bit about what you think of the whole horror convention experience? Also do you have an interesting story that sticks out.

DM: I love horror conventions!  If i wasn't going to them as a guest I'd be going to them as a fan. I delight in exchanging different stories from fellow Horror-ers. ...Horror-ers? Is that even a word? Hmm? Well, it is now. I'm going to own it.

Mr. C: Finally, this is a bit of an odd question, but I read somewhere that you perform regularly with an improv comedy group? Is that true and if so, can you tell us about that?

DM: Why is it odd? I perform regularly with an improv group in LA called Comedy Sportz. I like the risk of performing in a live show where there is no script.  It's like doing a high wire act without a net. With improv in general I think there's something special about witnessing an actor on stage creating something from nothing and have it excist only in that tiny moment in time then have it be gone forever.
Oh, I also just did another guest spot with the hilarious guys from Superego. I'm a big fan of theirs. They kick my funny bone square in the balls. You can check out their improvised comedy podcast over at www.gosuperego.com and on iTunes.
Mr. C: Thanks for choosing to sit with From Dusk Till Con and speaking with us on your latest and future work. I look forward to seeing you at the next convention. We really appreciate your time.
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Also, be sure to catch Derek in the new film Predators by Nimrod Antal and Robert Rodriguez, opening nationwide July 9th. 

- Mr. Chainsaw