Days of the Dead Convention Announced for July 1-3, 2011 in Indianapolis, IN


After many long months of rumors, an exciting new convention is officially announced for July of 2011, with a few familiar names acting behind the scenes to create a true "by the fans, for the fans" experience.




So over the last few months, From Dusk till Con has been teasing the fact that a new convention will be coming to the midwest in the summer of 2011. Originally said to be an extension of an already existing convention franchise, not much information has come out about this mystery show in quite a while.

A few weeks ago, a pirated early logo for a convention called "Days of the Dead" was posted on the From Dusk Till Con message board and quickly taken down as the parties behind the show had not authorized the posting of the name or artwork. Fans were promised more information soon and left guessing in the meanwhile.

It is with great pleasure that I can now finally officially confirm that a new convention will be coming to Indianapolis, IN, July 1st-3rd and will be held at the beautiful Wyndham Indianapolis-West. The name of that convention will in fact be Days of the Dead as has already been rumored. But perhaps most interesting of all is the dream team of players behind Days of the Dead that will be working to create a new convention experience unlike any other achieved before. Petey Mongelli will be handling the business and sales operations of the convention while Re-Evolution Management's Bill Philputt will be in charge of putting together the best damn guest list he possibly can. But that's not all - From Dusk Till Con has been asked to step in to be the creative front of the show, provide marketing, and assist in pushing the convention towards what horror fans would really like to see out of a new show. Expect a lot of first time guests, as well as a crop of names that represent the whole spectrum of horror cinema, including foreign horror, cult and exploitation, indie horror, and even some good old fan favorites.

As long time convention fans, From Dusk Till Con is honored to be a part of building a brand new convention experience that will be "by the fans, for the fans," just like the FDTC site itself.

A Days of the Dead website to be up soon with initial guest announcements to happen sometime in October. Stay tuned to From Dusk Till Con for all the breaking news on Days of the Dead 2011!

- Mr. Chainsaw