Chances Are Productions Set Visit

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FDTC writer James Orrell visited the set for Stephanie Hensley and Jim Lehman's Chances Are Productions newest film.
Written by James Orrell
This past weekend I was invited to sit in on the filming for a short in a new horror anthology from Stephanie Hensley and Jim Lehman's Chances Are Productions. I have been a fan of their work for quite some time now, so I was very interested in seeing how they work. I walked away very, very impressed.
I will not divulge the details of what exactly they were shooting in this article, instead I will focus on how it went down. 
Each production has gotten far better from this team and now I can see why. They work together amazingly well and every second I spent on set I saw just how much fun they were having together. I watched how they were able to coax a great performance out of a nine year old child who obviously had little to no acting experience.
The shoot was supposed to last from 10:30 am to 6:30 pm. They worked so well together that they wrapped at 3:30. That's an incredible feat. Especially when you throw in the problems that arose such as the lead actor dropping out at the last minute and the director falling ill halfway through filming. Everyone just united together and worked around these issues. I was beyond impressed with just how well they were able to roll with the punches and not only work through it, but they did so with incredible quality.
Another perfect example of this happened after the shoot. A member of the crew managed to get his car stuck in about ten inches of mud. On a hill. Everyone at the set worked together to get him out of the mud. It took some time, but we got him out of the muck eventually.
It's always a priviledge to see artists at work. To see what goes into the making of their craft, their process. After this visit, I saw incredible talent, a family vibe and just how well Chances Are Productions work together. Thank you Stephanie and Jim for the opportunity to peak behind the curtain. Knowing how hard you all work and how much passion and fun goes into it has made me appreciate your work all the more.