Review: Chaos A.D.

On Halloween night, a troublesome brother and sister, an abused wife, and a sleazy politician are kidnapped by a villainous group called F.R.E.A.K. The group is mostly made up of women who terrorize their captives. Will the captives rise up and take down the evil group or will they fall to their doom?
A Review by Stephen Nemeth
THE SLEAZE BOX strikes again with their newest flick full of violence, depravity, filth, vaginas, murder… and social commentary?!! The last time I checked in with Chris Woods from THE SLEAZE BOX he had teamed up with director/producer Sean Donohue of GATOR BLADE Media to create the Giallo inspired nudie slasher DEATH-SCORT SERVICE. The two forces combining to co-direct the sleazy slasher seemed to create their most well received effort to date. So liked by the fans a Blu-ray is being offered to meet the Hi Def demand. This time Woods' returns to the director's chair solo, while Donohue produces and pops up in a cameo. 
CHAOS A.D.  Stars Cayt Feinics and Ashley Lynn Caputo both from DEATH-SCORT SERVICE and American Guinea Pig BOUQUET OF GUTS & GORE, Amanda Welch, Eric Danger Dionne, Bob Glazier (AMERIKAN HOLOKAUST), Lisa Marie Kart, Krystal Pixie Adams ($KUMBAGZ), Joe Maskowski, Paula Tsurara, David A. Jackson, Joel Wynkoop (LOST FAITH), Gustavo Perez (BIGFOOT MOB BOSS, LIGHT OF BLOOD) and Sahara Huxly as Misery (THE SLEAZE BOX's answer to Leatherface and Jason Voorhees). You will recognize many of these as SLEAZE BOX regulars returning to do their best to keep you disgusted and entertained with violence and debauchery. 
THE SLEAZE BOX has previously tackled styles and topics like the pinup video, the nudie slasher, the crime story, and various horror/exploitation stories. This time in an underground world of perverse torture, captivity and death, with as much full frontal nudity as an issue of HUSTLER, siblings seeking escape from an abusive home are abducted from a Halloween party by two vicious female villains and held hostage with others. The abductees wait out the nightmare in small crate sized cages only to be tortured, raped and killed by the captors, F.R.E.A.K. (Fucking Reckless Extreme Asshole Killers), a gang of homicidal maniacs.  Events unfold with THE SLEAZE BOX's signature style accentuating the raunchy details. This film is not for the bashful.  If you are familiar with THE SLEAZE BOX then you already know the unapologetic experience to expect. You may also notice that they have been widening the scope of the stories and increasing the production value where they can.  One stand out aspect of DEATH-SCORT SERVICE was the original music by Toshiyuki Hiraoka who returns to give us more on CHAOS A.D.
THE SLEAZE BOX is a fan favorite destination for a particular type of microbudget filth. Here making films recalling Italian horror with sets drenched in colored lighting to illuminate malignant things dwelling in the shadows and villains that could be drawn from character studies explored in the early works of Wes Craven and Tobe Hooper, THE SLEAZE BOX has become a staple of the indie underground. DIY filmmaking has never been more alive. Proving this was CHAOS A.D.'s premiere at the 2016 SLAUGHTER in SURACUSE and the love for underground and independent films shown there. Even though the evolution of growth and technology are welcomed by the fans, one thing has stayed the same; THE SLEAZE BOX is still telling stories that are dirty and nasty with no signs of slowing down.  
Stephen Nemeth is a filmmaker known for his camera work on the gore masterpiece American Guinea Pig BLOODSHOCK and co-hosting discussions with the most sought after directors of extreme film on the internet radio show SADISTIC CINEMA. He is currently directing the upcoming crime/exploitation/horror thriller IT BECOMES AN ALTAR.
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