Iron Diamond Presents: Abigail In Concert

Iron Diamond took up the monumental task of performing the entire King Diamond opus Abigail live on stage for New Year's Eve.
Written by James Orrell
I have seen Iron Diamond more than most people and yet despite that, they always find a way to astound me. To end 2016 and kick off 2017 the mighty tribute act managed to up the ante once again by taking up the monumental task of performing the King Diamond magnum opus Abigail in it's entirety. Whether you like King Diamond or not, there is no denying the musical talent required to pull of such a feat. 
Iron Diamond pulled it off... and made it look easy.
I was blown away by just how well they played it. Each song, each note, each lick was practically indistinguishable from the classic album. Both Rikki Wrathchild and Blackie P. wore the makeup and outfits perfectly. On top of that, they represented two different eras of King with Rikki representing the old school and Blackie representing his more modern appearance.  The set was classic King as well, featuring a traditional Baphomet and two upside down hand made wooden crosses that had lights running through them. The stage was set perfectly for the ambiance of the performance and captured it perfectly.
I always thought they had a big set of balls for taking on King Diamond, but after seeing this performance I'm left wondering how the hell they can walk upright carrying those big things around. If you get the chance, seek out a video of this performance. It was without a doubt a defining moment in metal history.
Now, you'd think this would be enough but you'd be dead wrong. After a short intermission, Iron Diamond hit the stage to ring in New Year's the only way they know how... by rocking the fuck out. Playing a lot of their favorites such as Indians, The Toxic Waltz and Painkiller, the mighty tribute band brought the metal to the masses.
They even managed to perfectly time the countdown for New Year's in the pause during their performance of Livewire. You couldn't have timed it any better.
Every song they played was brought with such an energy and love for the genre and the holiday that left the entire 5th Quarter Lounge in such a good place. I can't imagine a better way to kick off 2017 than an Iron Diamond show. In the time they are on stage you can't help but smile. Few acts can rival them in the pure fun department. Now that they have easily pulled off a nearly impossible feat in playing the entire Abigail album perfectly, I can't imagine what they will pull out of their bag of tricks next.
Whatever they do pull out, however, will be completely badass. I don't doubt this for a second. Do yourself a favor and check them out whenever you get the opportunity. You will not see a better tribute band in the entire world.