Review: American Scumbags

Three interconnected tales take you into a seedy underworld where crime and drugs rule.
Written by James Orrell
American Scumbags is the second feature film from director Dakota Bailey(My Master Satan) and it is is quite aptly named. The film takes us through three main characters as the partake in drugs, debauchery, murder and all of the grimiest, nastiest parts of society. It's a disturbing story that left quite the impression.
Every one of the actors does a great job of showcasing just how deplorable their characters are. These are not good people, to say the least. Then again, you could probably tell that by the title alone. Dakota Bailey, Darien Fawkes and Fred Epstein put their all into their performances and make you wonder just how deep they will descend into general filthiness.
I thought Dakota Bailey did a very good job directing My Master Satan, but here in American Scumbags he has clearly brought it up another level. The film has a great look to it, almost in a pseudo-documenary style. The black and white film also helps make the film feel even dirtier. His talent is most definitely growing and I'm digging what I'm seeing from him.
The sound is much better this time around and there is a stellar punk style musical element. It really fit the themes of the film and helped sell the world the characters lived in. 
As far as negatives go, my only gripe against the film is it's very similar to My Master Satan. That isn't necessarily a bad thing, as the film improves on every aspect of his previous film. But in the end, I would like to see a little more variety in the style in future works from him.
Overall if you are a fan of sleazy, crime-filled stories then American Scumbags is the film for you. Every shot is filled with a disturbing flair. The despicable characters are abound and the depths of their debauchery is impressive. If you thought My Master Satan showed how wretched people can be, then you are in for one hell of a nasty treat!
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