Preview: Etheria Film Fest

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This week FDTC contributor Jay Kay gives us a peek at the Etheria Film Fest, part of the 48 Hour Film Fest at Days of the Dead.

With “Days of the Dead” Indianapolis coming up June 24-26 at Wyndham Indianapolis West Hotel, many different dark roads of horror will converge on this legendary horror convention as well as pillar film festival. You say film festival? Yes, the horror convention scene has created diversity and new platforms with their opportunity to craft a film festival that has given a different opportunity for both short and feature filmmakers that traditional film festivals may not tread. This has been the case for the “48 Hour Independent Film Festival” which has become a host and portal for some of the most revered and respected underground and indie filmmakers as well as their projects. Hosted and organized by “Jabb Pictures” Jason Hoover in conjunction with the “Days of the Dead” shows across the United States, this film festival has hosted many of the infamous and talented names in the sub-genres of horror from the underground, arthouse, extreme, indie and foreign. Curating a very eclectic and no apologizes lineup has been the calling card for this show for several years now.



Running as a vital part of the programming, the “Etheria Film Night” is beginning their second full year as part of the “48 Hour” film festival lineup. For those who are unfamiliar with this empowering and intelligent organization based out of California. The “Etheria Film Night” is a celebration of women filmmakers within a variety of filmmaking genres including horror, science fiction, action, comedy, thrillers from around world. Recently celebrating another successful main even program at the “Aero Theatre” in Santa Monica, California this past June 11 th . The three head monster of Co-Director Heidi Honeycutt, Co-Director Stacy “Pippi” Hammon and Creative Services Director Kayley Viteo have created another touring lineup for “Days of the Dead” conventions to highlight a mix tape of visions, daydreams and nightmares of women filmmakers from all walks of life. The lineup runs ten short films deep and creates essential viewing during your weekend. The 2015 touring lineup featured such filmmakers as last as deadly darling Gigi Saul Guerrero of “Luchagore Productions” as well as favorite filmmakers Karen Lam, Chloe Okuno, Amber Benson and more. While each stop for “Days of the Dead” including Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles and Indianapolis each had slight modifications, the lineup was a smart, steady, powerful and a scary voice for all those who were a part of the film block.





Etheria road show




This year’s lineup holds the same (if not raises the) standard, class and quality that has become expected from this well respected convention, film festival and organization. On the heels of the June 11 th event where we witnessed another coming together of the film and horror community, fans, culture, women filmmakers and their films. The lineup for the Indianapolis “Days of the Dead” continues to reflect that class and respect that “Etheria” presents. As announced on “The Horror Happens Radio Show”, the crew at “Etheria” has found your next mix tape of horror, fantasy, dark drama, myth, action, thrills and humor short films. The 2016 short films lineup, which will be playing as a part of the “48 Hour Independent Film Festival” on Saturday June 25th at 3:00 PM will feature this years “Etheria Film Night” Jury and People’s Choice Award winner “The Stylist” starring Najarra Townsend (Contracted), directed by Jill Gevargizian, written by Eric Havens, cinematography with Robert Patrick Stern and editing of John Pata. “The Stylist” shocked many of the viewers at the main event in all the right ways! Fans, peers and the minds of “Etheria” gave the proper celebration for this incredible sophomore short film which takes you into the dark mind of a troubled woman looking for an identity and acceptance.



The ten short film lineup will again be that mix tape that will impact and echo within each fan’s mind and soul. The remainder of the lineup will include a return for “Luchagore Productions” and their latest short film “Madre de Dios”. The gore will flow as longtime producer and assistant director Venita Ozols-Graham reveals her disturbing vision in “Used Body Parts”. One of the most celebrated short films over the last two years will join the touring lineup in the mermaid thriller “Seiren” written and directed by Kat Threlkeld. Joining Kat will be a pillar of the short film community and the New England film scene with Izzy Lee’s latest renvisioned tale of mystery and murder entitled “Innsmouth”. In the dark vein of history reimagined and waved with fantasy, 2016 “Etheria Film Night” entry “Genghis Khan Conquers the Moon” will be part of the lineup directed and co-written by Kerry Yang. The remainder of the touring lineup takes us into the mystery of a Halloween party gone horribly wrong in “Where Are You?” by Chelsea Peters, a calling of a demon to stop abuse at home becomes more than you she bargained for in Victoria Angell’s “Summoned”, science fiction will take center stage in two separate tales of the effects on of being human and our obsessions with Eugenie Muggleton’s “2043” and Kirsten Carthew “Fish Out of Water’.









The “Days of the Dead” show will feature the usual elite list of celebrities signing including “WWF/WWE” legend Shawn Michaels, “SAW” Shawnee Smith, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” Kristy Swanson & fan favorites actors Sid Haig, PJ Soles, and Tyler Mane among many others! The weekend will feature a variety of reunions, lots of indie horror filmmakers, a huge film festival, guest panels, vendors, after hours events, entertainment and more! Find out more at and for the full lineup plus more going on with the femme fatales of “Etheria”, head over to as their touring lineup will be a part of all five shows this year! Come out, support and experience the “Etheria Film Night” at “Days of the Dead”.