Review: Room For Rent

Room for Rent teaser poster 1
This week FDTC writer Adam Holtzapfel had a chance to check out Room For Rent, the new feature from Richard Tanner and A Buck Short Productions.
Room For Rent is the second feature from Atlanta based filmmaker Richard Tanner and shows growth from his first outing Once Upon A Nightmare.
Clocking in at an hour and ten minutes, the film is shot as if it was police footage of David (Samuel Wise) and his sister Sarah (Libby Blanton). The film shows a YouTube video with David giving a tour of his house, looking for a roommate. We hear a noise that he dismisses as a draft. Emails start pouring in inquiring if the house is haunted. David stops being concerned about finding a roommate and more concerned about what is going on with his house.
Promo - David and Entity
Room For Rent is shot like you’re watching the film from the King County Police Department’s computer and these are files they have via the social media accounts of David and Sarah. This works because it adds a nice progression to the film and gives it a slow burn feel, while keeping you interested and a nice pace.
Overall the acting is good, the characters are believable. The writing works for the premise of the film, the visuals, and fx also work for the film. I’d recommend this to anyone that supports independent horror, looking for up and coming filmmakers, and genre fans looking for something new.
Room For Rent is now available for purchase here.