Metal jazz fusion act Without Waves are back with Lunar, dropping March 17th on Prosthetic Records.  
    FDTC writer James Orrell checked out The Final Photograph, a short film from the people behind Servus de Infernum.    
    FDTC writer James Orrell checked out the Satanic-themed short film Servus de Infernum.    
      Director Jonathan Straiton brings what is sure to be a genre favorite with Night of Something Strange.  
      This past weekend I had a chance to spend a day in Pittsburgh at Horror Realm, which boasted a guest line up of Jill Schoelen, Diane Franklin, rare guest William Butler, Robert Kurtzman, and more!  
    Last night the final WWE ppv on the Road to Wrestlemania, Fastlane, took place. FDTC writer James Orrell gives his thoughts about the show.  
      Billed as a “crime drama”, the new film from Los Bastardz Productions, “Nightblade”, is like a giallo inspired episode of “Miami Vice”, so maybe “slasher drama” would be a more apt description.  
      Junius are back with Eternal Rituals for the Accretion of Light dropping tomorrow March 3rd on Prosthetic Records.