Godzilla Reviews: Godzilla vs Monster Zero     New columnist Lisa Hundley begins her reviews of the Godzilla series of films with Godzilla vs Monster Zero.  
Review: Victor Crowley     Ten years after the massacre in Honey Island swamp, a group of prospective filmmakers unwittingly bring the legendary Victor Crowley back from the dead and unleash his wrath once again.    
Review: Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters     After abandoning Earth in fear of annihilation, the few remaining humans return thousands of years later in a desperate attempt to reclaim their planet.     
Review: Belly Timber     Belly Timber is a Horror/ Western set in pioneer era Indiana.  An ancient evil clan of cannibals have come to terrorize the 1820's frontier. Can John McCormick and his band of ordinary men confront this evil head on, and preserve their way of life and future?    
Discussion: Piracy       This week we dive into the ongoing epidemic of piracy. Where is the line between unacceptable and ok, or is there even one? While everyone has pirated in some way (come on we all used Napster at some point), we’re examining if there is such a thing as justified piracy.  


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