Days of the Dead Invading Charlotte, NC in 2018       We're excited to bring you this announcement from Days of the Dead regarding the addition of a fifth city in 2018. Also, don't forget about their Indianapolis show in just two weeks!  
Press Release: UNSANE Summer Tour and New Album Sterilize       We here at FDTC are fucking stoked to bring you this information regarding the new album Sterilize and tour dates from the legendary noise rock trio and one of our favorite bands, UNSANE!  
Review: Friday the 13th(game)     For better or worse, fans of the film franchise can finally don the infamous hockey mask(or burlap sack) of iconic killer Jason Voorhees or try to survive his wrath as a camp counselor in Friday the 13th: The Game.  
Review: I Love Mackenzie Reynolds(short)     A man's unrequited love leads him down a dark path of obsession.  
Review: Maniac Cop Double Feature       Following the premiere of Bandit Motion Pictures newest outing Space Babes From Outer Space (sadly I had to miss that), Gateway Film Center in Columbus, OH extended the festivities by showing a Manic Cop Double feature with director William Lustig in attendance.  


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