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This week FDTC writer Jay Kay talked with one of the stars of the Gregg Bishop film SIREN available on VOD and DVD. Playing the seducing, enchanting and deadly Lily, Jay Kay spoke with actress Hannah Fierman about her work on the film, the development of the character and why the tag line “I like you,” has grown into a cult piece of dialogue.

Jay Kay - Thank you for taking the time out to talk about not only the feature film SIREN out now through CHILLER FILMS but your impact on the character “Lily” from the anthology film V/H/S and the segment AMETUER NIGHT.

How do you feel about the cult impact of the character Lily with your appearance, the impact of the short film segment and the notorious line “I like you” on modern horror fans? Who came up with that famous line?



Hannah Fierman - That's a very good question. I am not sure if Nick or David came-up with the line “I like you”. I'll have to ask them. Honestly, if you are going to have a catch phrase that people know you by, you cannot have a better one than “I like you”. I hear it daily so it's wonderful that my tag line is positive.



JKSIREN is feature surrounding a character that had a small segment in V/H/S. It seems more short films and segments are becoming the seed to feature length projects. When you were told about the development of this character, what was your thoughts surrounding it? How did you want Lily to develop as a character?



HF - I think the writers really struck a balance between Lily being their own and Lily the original monster from the vignette. I liked it that they kept the character recognizable but added new elements to her like her being now a siren adding the elements of alluring song. I also liked it that they made her fly a lot in the feature. Flying on cables is about as much fun as you can get on a movie set lol.



JK - In both AMATEUR NIGHT and SIREN, we see a myth come to life and the unfortunate focus of one tragic young man as the object of her affection again! Can you talk about the character of Lily’s perspective on love and does it have any ties to your own?



HF - Lily is very animal-like. She is simple, a classic misunderstood monster. I do not think this would be such a popular scenario in film if people did not sympathize or relate.









JK - For me, SIREN seems to offer more room for stunts and full action sequences. How much of the stunts did you do? Did that seductive dance behind the glass come from you?



HF - Yeah, I did a few of the stunts. I got to fly on the cables etc. I also had a wonderful stunt double, Heather Hayes. She's a badass. Really made me look good. Lol.



Yes, the dance was all my doing. It just didn't seem natural to stand still.



JK - In both the short film segment AMATEUR NIGHT as well as the feature SIREN, we see very little dialogue. Can you talk about emoting with limited use of your voice and dialogue? What was the conversations like with director Gregg Bishop about her body movements, expressions and the siren song? Was that your voice?



HF - Yes, I sang on set and in the soundtrack/score. They left out my credit in the movie however and couldn't go back and fix it. Really a shame. I thoroughly enjoyed recording it however.



I just did the same character I did in V/H/S. I figured they wrote the feature for her, they probably want to see her do her thing.



JKHow was the experience of wearing the makeup longer and through more developed scenes in SIREN? Who designed your siren look?



HF - The FX makeup looked great on screen but this is always the most challenging part for me. It is hard to sit in the make-up chair for 4 or 5 hours and then jump-up with the physical momentum that this sort of character demands.



JK - SIREN like AMATEUR NIGHT, is a very twisted love story with sex, passion and lust. Lily seems to be more in control during the feature then in the AMATEUR NIGHT segment. Was that important to you for her to develop that dominance? What is your thoughts on those elements in the overall storylines?



HF - She is a magical sexual creature. It is kind of her thing. She naturally taps into sexual fantasies and innermost desires. I liked that about her character it's a fun element to portray.



I had a difficult time filming the rape scene. It was very distressing to watch Chase being so vulnerable. He is a wonderfully talented actor and is really great to work with by the way. That scene comes off as funny on screen but it was not a comedy to me.








JK - What is next for you and where can we find out more?



HF - A drama I did titled HOLD ME has just be released on ITunes and Amazon as well as Google Play for free when you get it off the website



I also just finished filming a short with all my buddies. It’s titled DANDELION and although it will be a while before we can see it, I think it will be worth the wait. I play a Cyborg Prison Warden lol that’s all I can say however.



I am also producing a short film with my husband in a few weeks called BETWEEN THE WALLS. It is a wonderful slice of life story from the prospective of a man with dementia. It is wonderfully written. I am looking forward to filming it so much! Thank you for taking the time to interview me! Glad you liked the movie!!



Watch the trailer for this release here and pickup it up on DVD or watch it on VOD!



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