Review: Maniac Cop Double Feature




Following the premiere of Bandit Motion Pictures newest outing Space Babes From Outer Space (sadly I had to miss that), Gateway Film Center in Columbus, OH extended the festivities by showing a Manic Cop Double feature with director William Lustig in attendance.



by Adam Holtzapfel




The night kicked off around 9:30 with Lustig giving a little background into the first two installments of the series. Mentioning how part 2 was a direct tie in with part 1 to try to capture the feel of the old Republic serials (think Dick Tracy, Crimson Ghost, etc). He also discussed how the first film started because Larry Cohen (It’s Alive, The Stuff) had asked why there wasn’t a sequel to Maniac.



The films have aged well, seeing them on the big screen made the night of everyone in attendance. The first film has a Universal monster meets film noir feel to it. Telling the story of a killer dressed in a cop uniform slaughtering the innocent. The 2nd film picks up right where the first left off. While the Maniac Cop at times has a supernatural Jason Vorhees feel, you also get a living dead, and Universal feel from the character.







After the films Mr. Lustig did a Q & A discussing certain characters being killed in part 2, the climactic fire scene and how if he had digital he would have gone that route vs practical FX, and more. After the Q & A wrapped up he signed items for fans in the Torpedo Room until about 2am. If you get a chance to meet Bill Lustig, take it. He was really appreciative of the fans and has a lot of great stories.



I’d like to say thanks to GFC for giving genre fans events like this on top of their diverse line up and events like Nightmares Film Festival, Sci-fi Sleepover, and more! Hearing fans drove 3+ hours for this event shows why GFC is the destination for film buffs.




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