Review: I Love Mackenzie Reynolds(short)

A man's unrequited love leads him down a dark path of obsession.
 Written by James Orrell
I Love Mackenzie Reynolds is a perfect example of why I love short films so much. Great short films should get to it's heart quickly while taking just enough time to tell a cohesive narrative. It takes a very complicated, emotional journey while never wasting time on unnecessary fluff or bullshit.
I Love Mackenzie Reynolds accomplishes all of that while managing to leave you with a powerful emotional response. It takes a tried and true story of unrequited love and hits every beat that story needs to take in a matter of minutes. Whether you love or hate that kind of story, you will feel SOMETHING at the end of it.
Love like that can take you down some very dark roads and writer/star V.A. Bennett absolutely nails it, both from his script and his performance. It's easy to buy him as a guy who once was a good enough man but his emotions have gotten the best of him. He delivers every line of dialogue in the film and that's a good thing as he has a charisma to his delivery that you cannot help but hang onto his every word. His body launguage as the film goes on conveys as much emotion as his words do. For what is mostly a one man show, he is absolutely incredible.
Director Brandon Prewitt gives this film a fantastic look and vision. Mostly, it comes across as a confessional statement with minimal and simple camera angles. The simplicity was a thing of beauty. The lighting of the shots, the tight shots on Bennett's face as he gets more emotional, the slick trasitional cuts all spoke to me. Clearly Brandon Prewitt has a great eye behind the camera and has a lot of talent.
And kudos for the casting of Chelsea Skalski as the titular Mackenzie Reynolds. She has an innate quality that makes you feel that The Man(as he is credited) would easily become infatuated with her. The fact that she doesn't have a single line of dialogue in the film is an incredible credit to her.
I Love Mackenzie Reynolds is a short film that doesn't seek to break the mold. It doesn't reinvent the wheel, it refines it entirely. The acting is entirely believable. The script is emotional and poignant. The camera work is pitch perfect. I Love Mackenzie Reynolds is a dark path that I can easily become obsessed with.