Review: Dreaming Purple Neon

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This week FDTC writer Scream King Tom shares his thoughts on Tom Sheets newest offering Dreaming Purple Neon.

Legendary low budget gorehound Todd Sheets returns with this, his latest opus and love letter to splatter on a budget, "Dreaming Purple Neon" has it all: drugs, sex, demon worship, butthole drillings and unnecessary's almost like Tarantino did some mind altering drugs and made a DTV horror film!

Catriona (the gorgeous Millie Milan) runs afoul of Kane (Ricky Farr), a violent thug who peddles the mysterious, titular drug Purple Neon. Local boy Dallas (Jeremy Edwards) is returning home to his girl Denise (Eli DeGeer) , who also happens to be Catriona's bestie, and the entire cast eventually converges on a local dentist's office (the horrors truly never cease!). Once there, we find the basement is occupied by a cult of demon worshippers, presided over by the enigmatic Mr. Archer (Jack McCord), who are seeking a vessel to bring forth a demon queen...then things start to get really weird!

Like a few of his previous efforts, Sheets sometimes seems like he's being too ambitious with his far flung plot threads, but, more often then not, he manages to ties them all together in imaginative ways, "Dreaming Purple Neon" is no exception. Much time is spent here on *gasp!* character development, so the viewer actually cares about some of the people who end up getting butchered on screen. That's not to say the film drags, toward the third act or so, when our heroes are navigating their way through the carnage soaked building, DPN resembles a survival video game in that there's a new terror around every corner, suspenseful and edgy stuff!

Mr. Sheets wears his influences on his sleeve, the tone, look and even some of the gore effects are straight out of the Italia-splatter playbook, and there's certainly an air of professionalism in the sound design and camera work-- Sheets may not have a lot of production cash, but the guy definitely knows how to make a movie!

Fans of Todd Sheets' work have grown accustomed to his genre-blending ways, and "Dreaming Purple Neon" is certain to please those fans (and garner some new ones), it's a superbly crafted, entertaining, bloody, violent, and sometimes, yes, even terrifying film that's completely bat-shit crazy, but somehow manages not to go off the cliff at the conclusion. Check it out!